"Avigail has a unique way of soothing my anxieties, and is always ready to seriously talk through them with me.  Not only does she provide a safe-haven for me to explore my queerness and gender, she is also very affirming of kink and other identities I hold that others might shy away from talking about.  I always leave my time with Avigail feeling seen and thinking about things from a new perspective." - BF

"Your commitment to this work was inspiring to me and made me feel less alone. Thank you for your warmth and caring." - EB

"Thank you for all of your help and for caring for us. We both have tremendous respect and admiration for you, and I look forward to our next session." -H&A

"I appreciate all of your efforts (thank you!), and feel inspired and energized due to our work together."  - IM

“Even though our time together wasn’t my first experience with therapy, I still learned and was opened up to so much that I didn’t even know was possible for me. Out of all the different psychiatric professionals I’ve seen, you’ve been the one that I’ve stuck with the longest and most consistently. It never felt like a chore or obligation going into our sessions…There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude, appreciation and admiration for everything you’ve done and all that you are…I’m always so amazed at how poised, put-together and centered you appear. Your calming nature and intelligence is so desperately needed in this field.” -AR

"We got great feedback on your presentation; your delivery was expert and the information was engaging, clear, and easy to digest."
- AltSex conference organizers